Who's a CBD Boy? CBD is showing great benefits for our four legged friends as well as us humans Happy Puppy Owners? We all know that when our furry friends are happy, so are we. Have a browse and and hopefully start to see the benefits your pet will receive after their first dropper :) Cutest Corgi Ever? We are all a little biased when it comes to our furbabies , but send us your pics and be on our labels On Our Best Behavior? CBD has shown to reduce seperation anxiety - so no more worrying about bad behaviour whilst we are out. The constant noise in a big city don't help also - see what CBD can do for your furbaby :)


CBD It Is!

Most Common CBD Benefits for Dogs are; Anticonvulsant, Anti-Inflammatory, Stress Reliever, Antiemetic, Anticancer Effects, Promotes Homeostasis, Powerful Painkiller.


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It appears therefore that our 7,000-year, Neolithic-old dog from Europe is virtually an ancestor to most modern breed dogs found throughout the world.

Got our first puppy.

Start growing for CBD

Realized that CBD wasn’t just beneficial for ourselves and started producing CBD for pets.


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Our line of CBD products for dogs and cats can be used to treat anxiety, muscle and joint symptoms All natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives or synthetic chemicals, the third party tested, Every product is third-party tested for safety and authenticity, 100% certified Made from organic and non-gmo grown hemp

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